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Chronicle Herald feature:


19.NOV.2014 Christmas at the forum

Check us out in the Citizen!

15.NOV.2014 trend-spotting

We made Lemontree and Co. Interior's trend-spotting blog! Thanks for the shout out! And don't miss us this weekend at the Halifax Seaport Market. Check it out!:

7.FEB.2014 update
Exciting news! Check out Kimi on Global news with Paul Brothers talking about Prana Rock.

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Next stops:

find us at the Halifax Seaport Market on Saturday 7-3 & Sunday 9-3.  (please check facebook page for any updates to schedule) 



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Every Saturday 7-3 and Sunday 9-3 at the Seaport Market up on the Artisan's Mezzanine.



Prana [prah- nah]: the Sanskrit wo​rd for "life force"; cosmic energy believed to come from the sun, connecting the elements of the universe